Monday, 22 August 2016

Blog Rebooting......

I'm rebooting this blog, it will continue my Inquisitor inspired 40k miniature and will expand to include my Betrayal at Calth purchases, and other general 40k items.

The miniatures and collections are being split into 3 project:

30K - Calth 

Ultramarines and the Calth defence force vs Word Bearers and some traitor regiments. This will be a mix of Betrayal at Calth and Dark Vengeance, along with small scale humans I sculpted and cast specifically for this project. 25mm heroic humans makes the Astartes look huge.

These will be small scale armies, 40 minis max, with the intention of playing some little 40k second edition games!

40K - Inquisitor

Skirmish! Inquisitors, cultists, mechanics, etc. All the dark gothic stuff using 28mm heroic style. Unlikely I'll have Astartes in this.

41K - Desolation

A rough idea, after the fall of the Imperium, the Astartes found small empires! An excuse for my Dark Angels to get some little 25mm heroic humans in dark angel livery!

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