Monday, 21 April 2014

Test miniatures for a few factions

Some more paint jobs for this project. I'm still finding my feet with heroic style. In terms of photography my natural style is to use a light tent, daylight bulbs and to ramp up the brightness and expose everything (even the flaws). I notice that a lot of 40k blogs generally use a darker and ambient lighting and black backgrounds, I like this a lot but feel it can hide a lot of the miniature which I'd rather have on show. If I could pull it off though, darker would be my preferred presentation method.

There's not a lot differentiating the Guardsman and the Traitor at this point in time, subtle differences play their part of course but with a near identical colour scheme they are easily confused. I'll need to explore ways to rectify this as I progress the rest of their comrades.
(This is the first ever plastic Cadian I've painted, I previously collected them when they were in metal for second edition..)

This guy is based on a design I've been mulling over for a number of years, Redcoats, with Shakos. If you're interested in converting your own, the basic mini I've used is actually the original sculpt for a squad available on sale at Troll Forged Miniatures:

The Mechanicus guy is simple enough but for future miniatures I'll be sculpting more cogs, icons and identifiers. If you notice, especially around the shoulder pads, I've tried to emulate what a plastic figure would look like – zero undercuts and softer edges/details. (I originally sculpted this with casting in mind but veered away near the end).

First test on a Dark Angel. Not sure I like it... more experimentation to follow. I've not painted a marine in about 7 years or so...

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  1. They look very cool! I especially like the traitor guard with the spiked helmet :)