Monday, 13 January 2014


 Photographing miniatures, for some it's a bane.

A great paint job can be ruined by unskilled photography just as easily as an unskilled paint job can be made to look like a masterpiece, with the correct lighting and angle.

When it comes to photography I like to think I've got it nailed... for a pure white background that is. I use a light tent, two directional lamps and my trusty 20w daylight lamp. Once 'digital' I ramp the brightness up to 100% and that's it – perfect for a webstore to show all the details of the sculpt or the cast. This post is me trying out new techniques, some almost work and some fail.

A pure white background was not the original objective for this blog, I wanted... blackness, atmosphere and style. I'm not sure it's been achieved yet but here's an egregious photo dump showing my experimentation, and my first two Dark Vengeance miniatures almost complete: they're too clean, where's the oil and grime brother?

Light tent White

Light Tent Black

Light Tent Black (with the contrast increased 25%)

Experimental set up (only flash used for lighting)

Hybrid Experiment (Box in light tent, white and black)

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