Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Easing into the project – Watcher in the Dark

This was a nice little stress free miniature to ease me into the scale and style – still not nailed it 100%. I'm used to sculpting a little differently and less chunky.

The miniature was made from a couple of different elements:

  • Staff was from a Warhammer Fantasy Skeleton Archer regiment (think this was the banner)
  • The staff top was from a Warhammer Fantasy Empire State Troop regiment (banner top, I think)
  • Kneadite Green Stuff and Super Sculpey Firm
(amazed that I can even remember the individual parts, the skeletal arm attached holding the banner was only a minor clue...)

So I guess you're interested in the sculpting bit?

I start with a bent up paper clip trimmed to shape and fixed into a cork. Onto the paper clip I stuck a “bloba-ture” of Green Stuff; half way between a blob and an armature bulk out. Onto that I apply my Super Sculpey Firm and start sculpting.

The green stuff on the wire acts as an adhesive and slowly cures as I sculpt in Super Sculpey, Super Sculpey is notoriously bad for being totally non adhesive to anything except itself, and perhaps super glue.

Once I'd baked the Super Sculpey I glued the staff in place and got some green stuff out for all the details.

I'm a pretty/very fast sculptor – everything all in this probably took me about 45 minutes in total. I've not used Super Sculpey much so this isn't really a super top quality sculpt, it does the job though.

Anyhow... done. Can't wait to get painting him. I realise it sort of breaks cannon with regards to appearance: you can see a little hand, albeit still covered with an under cloak. Never mind though

Now create some text to accompany the dynamic duo.

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