Tuesday, 7 October 2014


It's been a few months since I sculpted so here's some basic stuff as I try to warm up:

Monday, 21 April 2014

Test miniatures for a few factions

Some more paint jobs for this project. I'm still finding my feet with heroic style. In terms of photography my natural style is to use a light tent, daylight bulbs and to ramp up the brightness and expose everything (even the flaws). I notice that a lot of 40k blogs generally use a darker and ambient lighting and black backgrounds, I like this a lot but feel it can hide a lot of the miniature which I'd rather have on show. If I could pull it off though, darker would be my preferred presentation method.

There's not a lot differentiating the Guardsman and the Traitor at this point in time, subtle differences play their part of course but with a near identical colour scheme they are easily confused. I'll need to explore ways to rectify this as I progress the rest of their comrades.
(This is the first ever plastic Cadian I've painted, I previously collected them when they were in metal for second edition..)

This guy is based on a design I've been mulling over for a number of years, Redcoats, with Shakos. If you're interested in converting your own, the basic mini I've used is actually the original sculpt for a squad available on sale at Troll Forged Miniatures:

The Mechanicus guy is simple enough but for future miniatures I'll be sculpting more cogs, icons and identifiers. If you notice, especially around the shoulder pads, I've tried to emulate what a plastic figure would look like – zero undercuts and softer edges/details. (I originally sculpted this with casting in mind but veered away near the end).

First test on a Dark Angel. Not sure I like it... more experimentation to follow. I've not painted a marine in about 7 years or so...

Saturday, 12 April 2014

WIP: pre-undercoat shots of the test miniatures

One mini from each faction ready for an undercoat.

The Cadian has some minor conversions to tie him up with the Traitor Guard – they were once the same PDF.

Mechanicus trooper should be self explanatory, and the greatcoat guy is an old cr@ppy sculpt which will be a stormtrooper/elite regiment trooper (the head on that is a resin cast of some Shako style gasmask heads I made a few years ago).

Monday, 3 February 2014

WIP Paint jobs - Imperial Swordsman and Chaos Cultists

Some work in progress shots of the Swordsman and the first Cultists. Still a fair bit of refinement and tidying up to do on them.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Chaos Cultists and the Imperial Swordsman

If you check out the Muse page you'll get a feel for the planet/setting for this project – a half abandoned and dying Imperial world with a vast continent spanning underground monastery complex.

Chaos cults are taking over and the order of Imperial society is a crumbling into a nightmarish post apocalyptic state...

These are great plastics and I don't have much cause to make significant conversions! The first of many Cultists to come.

The Imperial Swordsman – I plan on doing a few more of these: the remnants of once flourishing and flamboyant military order, the Ecclesiastical Swordsmen are now battered and sorely diminished.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Easing into the project – Watcher in the Dark

This was a nice little stress free miniature to ease me into the scale and style – still not nailed it 100%. I'm used to sculpting a little differently and less chunky.

The miniature was made from a couple of different elements:

  • Staff was from a Warhammer Fantasy Skeleton Archer regiment (think this was the banner)
  • The staff top was from a Warhammer Fantasy Empire State Troop regiment (banner top, I think)
  • Kneadite Green Stuff and Super Sculpey Firm
(amazed that I can even remember the individual parts, the skeletal arm attached holding the banner was only a minor clue...)

So I guess you're interested in the sculpting bit?

I start with a bent up paper clip trimmed to shape and fixed into a cork. Onto the paper clip I stuck a “bloba-ture” of Green Stuff; half way between a blob and an armature bulk out. Onto that I apply my Super Sculpey Firm and start sculpting.

The green stuff on the wire acts as an adhesive and slowly cures as I sculpt in Super Sculpey, Super Sculpey is notoriously bad for being totally non adhesive to anything except itself, and perhaps super glue.

Once I'd baked the Super Sculpey I glued the staff in place and got some green stuff out for all the details.

I'm a pretty/very fast sculptor – everything all in this probably took me about 45 minutes in total. I've not used Super Sculpey much so this isn't really a super top quality sculpt, it does the job though.

Anyhow... done. Can't wait to get painting him. I realise it sort of breaks cannon with regards to appearance: you can see a little hand, albeit still covered with an under cloak. Never mind though

Now create some text to accompany the dynamic duo.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Stock Take: The calm before the storm

Believe it or not, this is my ENTIRE heroic style Games Workshop miniature collection. Bits really.

Look how nice and ordered it is... I wonder how long it will stay this way? So long as I can finish what I start (as I go along) this will simply shrink away to nothing right? I'll recreate this shot periodically to test the theory.

Within the white box are all the Dark Vengeance bits, I'm sure most are familiar with that. The interesting stuff is 'outside the box', aherm...

Some bits from Anvil Industry (I helped sculpt some of the stuff that went into production)

And in the little plastic black box: some bits and pieces I've sculpted over the last few years....

Pretty cool huh? I'm going to kit-bash my own kit-stash. This is predominantly going to be Mechanicus stuff.

Finally, the first purpose sculpt I did for this project: a Watcher in the Dark. He's going to be holding the Librarians staff. I made this before I received Dark Vengeance so I'm not 100% happy with the size of it but it fits with the back story I'm drafting up – this Watcher is a little bloated and fat. I view the Watchers as the manifestation of the suppressed anger and secrecy of the Dark Angels (transference of angst over the ancient betrayal), this guy being fat means he has been building up in the Tower of Angels for a long time and has now come forth to support the Librarian hunting one particular Fallen Angel from the time of the Heresy

(more on the “story” later, check out the MUSE page for my current thoughts)

I'll explain how I made this guy once he's finished (a showcase)